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Race Track Secret Weapon: SRA (Signature Reinforced Architecture)

It's no secret that cars keep getting heavier, faster and more capable. Constantly raising the performance envelope, and also the level of potential risk to drivers. Our team at Signature Wheel has been focused on building wheel options that provide incredible aesthetic value and motorsports level performance. Which is why we developed our all new Signature Reinforced Architecture (SRA).

On the surface some designs may look the same, but additional reinforcing has been made to the wheel spoke and hub. We are always balancing the properties of Strength, stiffness, weight, and cost. Maintaining a perfect balance between them has always been our focus. The new SRA option now shifts that focus toward strength and stiffness. While adding a small amount of cost and weight (1-1.5 lbs), we create a wheel with an even higher resilience to flex and fatigue. The ultimate goal being that if you are in a collision while racing, the wheel retains its structural integrity enough to allow you to still control the vehicle to a safe stop.

Over the past few years we have had excellent real world testing from owners setting lap records at Gridlife, dodging potholes in their hometown, or being the quickest/fastest to roll down the drag strip. We are now raising our own bar, and the SRA option will exist for those clientele who need the utmost of performance. This option will be available for an additional cost for our Monoblock and Track Series wheels.


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