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  • Attentive service before sale and after delivery

  • Accurate 5 weeks timeline and delivery date

  • Best custom offset in the industry

  • Strongest advance forging technology

  • Rigorous testing every designs on the track

  • Customer priority replacement program



We are a team of passionate car enthusiasts just like you. We use our motorsport experiences, research optimal offsets, push the widest tires on the track, and attend car meets on weekend, like any of you would. Our representatives are experts and owners in each of their markets plus specialize in providing the best customer experience by selling direct to the consumer. This ensures we keep the costs low, and dedicate the focus on you. Once you become a member of Signature Nation, you will feel like family.

who we are


We believe enthusiasts should be able to have it all.  Forged wheels do not take 3 months to make, nor do they have to be overly expensive!  One of the worst experiences is waiting for a set of wheels to be built, only to receive them with the incorrect fitment, reduced caliper clearance, or improper finishes.  Many wheels on the market are not certified, tested, or proven on the track.  Anytime you purchase a set of wheels the biggest question you should be asking yourself is, are they safe?  Do any of the above sound like something you or a friend have experienced?  Well, so did we.  We thought to ourselves there has got to be a better way.  When you join us, you will see how we are changing this industry.

why we do it


Signature Wheels are designed in California and manufactured in Taiwan. Our factory consists of 100 plus CNC machines for the most accurate production and fastest turn-around time in the industry. Every design goes through rigorous testing to receive JWL and VIA certificate of Accreditation on dynamic cornering fatigue test equipment, dynamic radial fatigue test equipment, and impact test equipment.  We conduct Finite Element Analysis on each of our designs during the engineering phase to ensure reductions in weight and aesthetic features do not sacrifice strength or stiffness.  You can feel safe driving with Signature Wheels.

our manufacturing


Week 1 - Wheel sizing finalize & the start production

Week 2 - CNC machining 6061-T6 forged aluminum

Week 3 - Completion & surface preparation

Week 4 - Wheel coating, assembly, quality control

Week 5 - Completed wheel packaging and shipping

*Signature is a custom wheels company.  Due to the custom nature of our products, changes or cancellation of orders are not possible once invoice has been sent.

build timeline
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