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Best Forged Wheels for Tesla Model S Plaid?

Tesla Model S Plaid, the quickest production sedan in the world. Driven by three carbon sleeved motors, 1020 HP and 900 ft-lb of Torque. Although the Model S Plaid is the fastest sedan, it still misses one important part, the good-looking lightweight forged wheel.

The 21" Arachnid option from Tesla come in size 21x9.5 and 21x10.5 weighs 32.4 lb and 35.6 lb each. They are made out of cast aluminum which is not the most durable method, and weigh very heavy. Our SV104 in the same width weighs just 23.9 lb and 24.5 lb each. 40 lb rotational mass reduction equals removing 160 lb of static weight.

Besides the weight saving, Signature provides world-class fitment solutions. We offer various fitment options to fit each individual's preference. From flush to aggressive flush.


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