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Taking the Ford EV Mach-E to Sonoma Raceway

Undoubtedly on track performance is what spurs the excitement in all of us interested in the Mustang. Even if you are not a track enthusiast, that lineage behind the name is part of what we are all stepping into. As a track focused wheel manufacturer we make it a point to test all our wheel designs and personal vehicles at the road course. Now, it is the Mach-E's turn.

Our newly developed Track-E build features our 20x9.5 Square Signature Wheel Track Series SV502. This setup is rotatable at all 4 corners to maximize the life of the 275/45/20 Yokohama tires. With a 280 treadwear rating this compound should prove tons more grip and contact patch over the OEM 225 Michelin. Matte Bronze was chosen for a little flash, and easy touch up.

As a heavyweight we also implemented our Friction Lock Knurling to help prevent tire rotation on the rim under heavy cornering loads and braking.

Weight reduction here is fantastic with an approximate weight of 23lbs each, although we did get to weigh them before mounting tires. Be sure to follow this blog as we hit the track tomorrow and document the event. Anyone have a guess on how many 20 minute sessions the car will survive before needing a charge?


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